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:: iDC File Manager - Web Based File Manager Version 1.5 Released ::

The New version of iDC File Manager's web based file manager version 1.5 has now been released and includes a host of new features and improvements including an all new Transparent GUI, Shared folders and Group access.

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What is Web Based File Manager iDC File Manager?

iDC File Manager is an online secure multi user http web based file management system which is designed to be installed on either your existing Linux or Windows web server and allows you to store, manage and share every format of digital media, including, documents, images, audio, video, publishing layouts, presentations and PDF files between you and your end users.
Why Would My Company Want To Use An Online Web Based File Manager?

If your company has a requirement to distribute or share files with customers, suppliers, remote workers or just internally, then the iDC File Manager -
http file manager is the best solution for you.

It supports the storage and distribution of any file type and can be installed and running on your server within 10 minutes. Once installed on your existing server you can then create secure user accounts with individual user permissions, permitting access to specific file locations. This will then allow your end users to remotely access your documents from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It really is that simple!
How Much Does iDC File Manager Cost?

iDC File Manager is a web based file manager and is available in 5 editions ranging in price from $26.00 USD to $989.00 USD and is designed to fit the requirements of a wide range of organizations.
To found out which version is right for you and for the complete pricing guide
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This price is a one time software license fee and not a yearly subscription charge and included with every copy of iDC File Manager purchased is:
  • The full un-encrypted Source code
  • *Free same day initial remote Installation and Setup service
  • Free life time technical support
  • Free minor script updates.
*Please note: Same day installations are time zone dependent.
Who Uses Web Based File Manager iDC File Manager?

iDC File Manager was originally designed for the fast pace environment of the commercial Print Industry and allowed publishers to quickly create an online archive of their artwork / files (usually in .PDF format) for easy distribution to Printers.

Since becoming commercially distributed in 2004, the iDC File Manager online file manager is now being used by:

Law Firms
Graphic and Web Design agencies
Print and Repro Houses
ISP's and Web hosts
Local Authorities
Civil Engineering companies
Book and Magazine Publishers
Transcription agencies
Design Engineers
Financial Institutions
Film And TV Production companies
Marketing and Advertising agencies
Insurance companies
EMS and Health Care organizations
Consultancy Firms
Fortune 500 Companies

To name just a few....
What Do Users Have To Say About iDC File Manager?

We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer support and
service to our customers.

If you have a question or experience a problem regarding any aspect of
iDC File Manager please contact us - we are only too happy to help!

Please click here to read the existing Customer Testimonials / Feedback.

What are the System requirements for iDC File Manager?

iDC File Manager is a cross platform system and so will run on all Windows
and Linux servers introduced in the last 6 years which meet the server requirements page.

All you need to access the File Manager is a  PC or Mac and an Internet Browser.

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All Web Based File Manager's Include...
Free initial Setup and Installation

Free Minor Script Updates

Free Lifetime Technical Support
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